Divine reason as to why the Quran begins with ‘Read’

‘Read’ is the Divine mission and an invitation entrusted to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The universe is the interpretation and the reflection of ‘Lawh-i Mahfuz’. Lawh-i Mahfuz is the Divine Book of records.

Everything in the world is like a book and this is why the commandment is not to observe but to ‘Read’. The universe is like a huge library filled with matter and all matter is like a book to be read. Human beings were honored with the duty of reading and writing.

Human beings must read in order to understand. Sometimes, they might misunderstand, therefore make mistakes. However, we learn from our mistakes and gain experience. Observing is different from understanding and understanding is different from comprehension. Only those who comprehend will submit and practice what they have learned.

Our aim should be to salvage science from the hands of chance and coincidence. Only then intelligent people will realize that the universe is a book to be read.  Thus, they will read it word by word. What they learn will take them to Allah.

The holy Quran mentions the words blind, deaf and mute together.  A person, who does not observe the universe from an objective and subjective point of view, will not be able to hear or understand the things he studies. People that study science without belief in God, waste their time by keeping themselves occupied with worthless issues. 

In conclusion, Quran’s the commandment of ‘read’ means to observe and study, learn, understand. We are here to study and learn, it is quite interesting that the first verse to be revealed in the holy Quran begins with the commandment, ‘Read’. 

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