How Does Azrail Collect All The Souls At The Same Time?

Being only one does not prevent Azrail from collecting all the souls at the same time. Like the light beam, he can travel anywhere he wishes to fulfill his mission. Distances and the large numbers of souls is not an obstacle for him. For example, there is only one sun in our solar system, yet it appears in all mirrors and objects which reflect. The sun, at the same time warms millions of beings and feeds millions of plants. Angels are creatures of Nur, so they can appear everywhere and at any time.

We should also know that Allah is the real collector of souls and only He can create death. However, Allah has given some Angels the mission of supervision. Hence the supervision of collecting souls was given to Azrail. The creator that controls the motions of all the atoms and the stars in the universe has the power to collect all the souls at the same time. His power is limitless, thus if He wishes to use Azrail for this purpose, so He will. 

Whether they are collected by Allah or Azrail is not the point. The reality is that when their time comes, all souls turn towards Allah. This is an automatic function. Here is an example; when we wish to send a message through a CB radio, all we have to do is to push a button and all radios on that frequency will receive the message at the same time.  Just as the example, all beings are like radios switched on different frequencies, ready to receive the message of Allah, whether it is on the frequency of life or death. If weak and helpless creatures like us can possess the ability to control huge machines and electronic devises from long distances with a push of a button, it would be quite silly to think that Azrail cannot collect all the souls at the same time.  Allah is far from all deficiencies. He has the power and ability to do as He wishes, so when He wills, the buttons of living machines are pushed.     

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